Who Becomes a CRSP

Those who hold the CRSP® certification come from a variety of backgrounds and collectively certificants:

  • Possess a wide range of professional experiences
  • Possess a variety of academic backgrounds, including engineering, HR, sciences, and business

Some applicants apply at the four year minimum professional experience requirement level, while others have 10-15 years of experience or more. Regardless of background, the CRSP® certification is for many a career goal. Obtaining the CRSP® certification will set you apart from others within the OHS industry and emphasize that you are professionally committed to health and safety within the workplace.

When employers see CRSP® after a name, they know that the individual has been through a rigorous process that verifies formal education and professional practice and that they have successfully passed a competency based certification examination. They have also signed and agreed to abide to a Code of Ethics and adhere to the ongoing professional development requirements.

The CRSP® certification represents a personal benchmark that validates your knowledge, skill and practice. It also provides a transferrable credential, either domestically or internationally within the profession through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with similar certification boards, the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) in the United States, the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) and NEBOSH in the United Kingdom, and the Australia Institute of Health & Safety.

Eligibility Guidelines for the CRSP certification

To be eligible to apply for the CRSP® certification, you must have a combination of education, professional development, and experience. Depending on the type of education you have obtained, there may be an exemption from the professional development criteria. Applications for the CRSP® certification received on or after July 1 2018 are required to have the following:

  • A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in any field* OR a 2-year diploma (or certificate) (minimum of 900 hours or 60 credits) in occupational health and safety or equivalent from a recognized academic institution.
  • 48 months of professional level OHS experience obtained within the last 72 months (minimum of 900 hours/calendar year of practice in OHS)

*if applying with a Bachelor’s degree, applicant must also demonstrate sufficient professional development in OHS to qualify.

Applying For Certification

Individuals interested in achieving the CRSP® certification must first make application to the BCRSP. Once your application is reviewed for eligibility, there is a mandatory certification examination.

Our Promise

The primary goal of Ahlan Safety is to boost your excellence and scope of knowledge in the field of health and safety, with a 100% guarantee of positive results. Therefore, we provide you a platform that can enhance your abilities and allow you to put your best foot forward by passing the examination and step into your successful future.

Post-Course Support & Guidance

We have a clear goal to shift you into a successful direction by providing unlimited support even after completing the CRSP course with higher result satisfaction.

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