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Infection Control Qualification Course in Dubai


The infection control course is one of the most highly appreciated training modules in every aspect. Due to the severe pandemic of Covid-19 and the increasing death rate caused by different infections, these studies have become more critical than ever.

Inspire of all the advancements in science and technology; these infections seem to have to dominate the situation for several years. It has become imperative to structure our academics in such a way that we can overcome the problems.

Especially when it is about the workplace, we must understand the importance of stopping the spread of these infections. Hence, the Highfield infection control training allows the employees to gain knowledge regarding the precautions they can take and the methods they can apply to control the infection.

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Highfield Level 2 International Award in Infection Prevention and Control In The Workplace

Who Can Apply For This Course?

This qualification is for the people who aim to understand the insights of the prevention of infections. Plus, gain knowledge of how to control its spread in the workplace.

What Is The Duration Of This Course?

The students can expect this course to be covered within 6 guided learning hours.

What Topics Are Covered In This Course?

Highfield Level 2 Infection Prevention and Control course includes the following topics:

  • The common infections found in the workplace
  • The chain of infection
  • The importance of correct handwashing procedures
  • The use of personal protective equipment
  • The decontamination processes (cleaning and disinfection)
  • Waste management and associated risks
  • Management and staff responsibilities, risk assessment, and developing a positive infection prevention culture.

What Is The Infection Control Course Exam Criteria?

The infection control course assessment and evolution is conducted through multiple-choice examination.

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