Ahlansafety Offering HABC Highfield Health And Safety Trainings In Middle East

For running a successful business, you do not only need skilled employees, but you need safe and secure ones as well. Is an unhealthy or injured worker is of any use to your organization? Can you generate profitable revenue with unfit and weak employees? No, you cannot! Therefore, you must align your strategies as per the international health and safety standards. Get your managers and employees trained at that is providing HABC Highfield health and safety training in the Middle East.

What is HABC Highfield Health and Safety Training?

The Highfield Award Body of Compliance (HABC) is a certification for food safety, health & safety, and auditing qualifications. It started as a family-run business by Richard Sprenger who is well known for writing safety publications that are sold by Highfield. It now offers more than 200 certifications, and one has to pass several levels to achieve it. HABC is the largest provider of fire safety, security, and first aid qualifications. provides health and safety training as per the HABC standards to managers and employees of different organizations. It also provides them with reputed certifications that help them a great deal in securing their organizations.

How Does AhlanSafety Provide HABC Training Course?

Ahlansafety follows international standards for its safety and training courses. The HABC training is also given as per the standards followed worldwide. Four levels are ranging from level 1 to level 4, starting from beginner to upper-class management courses. The Highfield centers deliver its courses throughout the Middle East covering countries including Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and also across Asia.

Other than providing four levels of certifications, the HABC training course at also offers Ofqual-regulated qualifications. It is a documentation that has met the highest quality standards in the U.K.

The Highfield certification ensures you get basic to most advanced knowledge regarding food safety, security, and first aid qualifications. Unfortunately, even the bigger companies in Pakistan ignore the importance of safety management, and that’s why it still lags behind developing countries.

An industry cannot rise and thrive where basic first aid knowledge, food safety, and security aren’t given due importance. With Highfield certifications given at Ahlanfield, you can align your organization as per the international standards. When employees’ health and safety are ensured, and they get to eat clean and healthy food in the workplace, their productivity eventually increases.

How to Enroll in Highfield’s HABC Course?

Well, it is important to note that this course is recommended to upper-class management including managers and supervisors who have a direct responsibility to the organization’s safety. Moreover, there are 40 guided learning hours of this course, so be prepared to invest your time in it. However, you have got to pass an assessment to get enrolled in this course.

There is a multiple-choice exam that you have to pass, and the topics covered later on include health and safety policies, duties and responsibilities, developing risk assessment, incident investigation, and safe systems of work.