Ahlan safety offering HABC Highfield infection Prevention and Control Amid Covid 19

Other than altering our lifestyles, the corona pandemic also forced organizations to alter their policies and strategies. The safety and precautions are now given more importance than before, and businesses have to incorporate plans to make their workplace safe for the staff. For that, Highfield has introduced an infection prevention course amid COVID-19 to reduce the spread of the virus and ensuring a secure workplace.

The HABC course used to be confined to food safety, first aid qualification, and hazard prevention. However, the COVID pandemic has forced organizations to take infection prevention, so the certification has been introduced for it as well.

What is HABC Highfield?

HABC stands for Highfield Award Body of Compliance. It is a certification given for food safety, health safety, and auditing qualifications. However, infection prevention has been recently added to it and the course has been modified due to the demands put forward by the COVID pandemic. It is the largest provider of fire safety, security, and first aid qualifications, and it offers more than 200 certificates. Now, the infection prevention has become the most widely studied topic and certification has been introduced for it as well.

HABC provides its services in most of the Middle East including major countries like Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and also across Asia. Even though lesser than Europe and the USA, these countries were also affected by corona. Therefore, they need a safety plan to secure their organizations.

What is Infection Prevention Certificate By HABC?

You can get the infection prevention certificate by HABC at that is an online platform dedicated to providing safety education to organizations. This course helps the management in learning how to combat the virus, especially in high-risk environments such as hospitals. It is difficult to prevent a hospital staff or care home from catching the virus; therefore, it needs core knowledge and expertise. That’s what the infection prevention course at Highfield provides.

There are two major courses under the category: infection prevention and control and the free COVID-19 course. Since the world is exposed to many viruses, there is a dire need to prevent it from them. The former is a generalized course, covering all the possible hazards caused by viruses and bacteria.

However, that of the latter is corona-specific and guides as to how to make your environment COVID-free. It also includes knowledge regarding the quarantine and how to fight the virus if you have already caught it. The COVID-19 course is further subdivided into COVID-19 secure for offices, hospitals, and retail. It pretty much covers all the business areas and guides them at the best.

It is simple to get enrolled in an infection prevention course by Highfield. You can do it right at your home by clearing the stages required for qualifying. It includes a basic exam comprised of multiple-choice questions. However, you have to invest some hours of your day to get the certificate in your hands.