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Highfield Safety course in Dubai

Course Overview

Highfield Safety Course comes with a high-quality qualification for all the students from the Middle East and Asia. This training includes an extensive range of in-depth knowledge and skills that sits right to every industry’s needs.

This course is specially constructed for students who are looking to gain an understanding of health and safety. After enrolling in this course, you will adapt the suitable training elements without any complexities.

Highfield International has made sure to acknowledge the need of the hour and made this course accessible to many students. It ranges from “Level 1” which is suitable for those who require to start with the basic understanding of this course. Additionally, with the 2nd and 3rd Levels, this course ends up at “Level 4” which is perfect for the individual who is at the senior positions and requires an extensive and higher level of knowledge.

This course is internationally recognized and is considered a reputable level of qualification. The centers of Highfield that render the training for health and safety are located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, and across Asia.

We believe in quality education and perusing this objective in our training with a higher potential of making futures brighter with that certification similar to the Highfield Safety Course. The learners who seek to acquire this course will be able to fully incorporate their skills and apprehension into their organization’s practice safe operations.

They will also understand the potential of making an environment and culture safe and positive. Their focus will be derived towards preventing any perils and risks involved with an assessment of appropriate measures to be taken. The employees will be familiar with their responsibilities and understand the importance of mainlining safety at work policies.

This course comprises all the necessary resources to make it advance, including assignments, PowerPoint presentations, and examinations for final evaluation. Highfield qualification in health and safety is bona fide with the certification of proof, and the students of this course will be rewarded after the completion.

We also offer the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual), which is considered the highest level of quality examination in the UK.

Feel free to contact us in case of any vagueness, as we will be happy to entertain you with added information.

The additional information for the Highfield Level 4 Qualification is mentioned below.

Highfield Level 4 International Award In Health And Safety In The Workplace

Who Can Apply For This Course?

This particular course and qualification are suitable for the higher management of an organization. If you are an existing manager who directly connects to health and safety in their workplace, you can feel free to apply.

What Is The Duration Of This Course?

This course has a total of 40 guided learning hours.

What Topics Are Covered In This Course?

The topics covered in this qualification include safe work systems, duties, and responsibilities, developing and implementing risk assessments, health and safety policies, and incident investigation.

What Is The Highfield Health & Safety Exam Criteria?

The Highfield Health & Safety exam and assessment are evaluated through multiple-choice examination and practical assessment.

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